New Years Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions
Or more specifically, writing resolutions for 2013. I’ve got all the usual other ones, and clearly by the end of the year I will be able to do press ups the man way and my house will be tidy. My two key writing goals for 2012 were to enter the Golden Heart and to have a full manuscript requested, both of which were met. This year, the goal posts have moved. They’re not even on the same pitch any more, which is hugely exciting.

Firstly, I need to revise and submit my novella Perfect Timing, which placed third in the Minuet of Love RWA chapter contest in 2012. This is a cute friends to lovers story about shy cello teacher Ruby and her sexy, cool as all that best friend Jason. After Jason’s dog does a very bad thing (and does it all over Ruby’s cello), the two of them enter a Mr and Mrs Contest in order to win enough money to buy a replacement (cello, not dog). They know each other inside out – how hard can the questions be? Oh. Very hard, especially when they’re questions about the one thing the two of them haven’t shared.

Secondly, I need to submit She Who Dares, a contemporary romance about tomboy mechanic, Nic, and bad boy racing driver Sebastian Prince. This Cinderella story with a twist won the RWA Four Seasons chapter contest (also in 2012) and is ready to move on to the submission trail.

But as I’ve discovered in the past couple of weeks, the one thing scarier than trying to get your first sale is trying to get your second. What if it was a one off? What if these stories are rubbish? I don’t really want to go and live in the Cave of Shame, even if it is full of consolatory cake.

I don’t want to live in the Cave of Cowards either, though. It smells funny. So the submission trail it is.


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