Books that give you that buzz

Last year, I read 150 books. Goodreads confirmed it. (I actually read a few more than that, but some were so awful I was too embarrassed to put them on good reads in case the authors saw I’d only given them a one star rating and decided to ban me from twitter or something). The majority of these, around 90%, were category romances.

That’s an awful lot of category romances 😮

This year, I’m spreading my wings a little, and I’m so glad I am. 15 books in, 90% of them not category romances, and I’ve discovered new authors, new ways, new worlds. Books with bad words, and truly naughty sex, and intricate, fascinating plots. I knew these books existed, of course I did, I just hadn’t had the pleasure of delving into them.

What have you read recently that’s taken you somewhere new and fabulous?


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