Just call me Calamity Jane

This week has been the week of the disaster. I blame the snow for making me stupid. First of all, I got 14 rows into the front piece of the jumper I am currently knitting, and realised I had done it wrong. Not just a stitch or two wrong, but completely wrong. Which wouldn’t be too bad, except that it’s a complex lace pattern in a lace weight yarn. The only option was to rip it all back and start again. There may have been crying. The pic shows the pattern as it should be (after the ripping back, crying and starting again). It looks like leaves and flowers. Lovely. (If anyone is interested, the pattern is Samos from Rowan Magazine 53, knitted in Fine Lace in a shade called Vamp) http://www.knitrowan.com/designs-and-patterns/patterns/samos


After the Great Knitting Disaster, came the Great Writing Disaster. Namely, I started a new book, wrote 5K, then realised that it was complete rubbish and I had no choice but to scrap it all and start again. And not just the words, but the whole story idea (or rather, the lack of). I sulked, despaired, watched NCIS and ate soup, and then the husband told me to stop being pathetic, stop second guessing everything and get on with it (so I did).

There was also the Great Fruit Loaf Disaster, but I’m still too traumatised to talk about that :p

What disasters have you had this week?


2 thoughts on “Just call me Calamity Jane

  1. Will it make you feel better if I tell you I phoned my TV service provider to report a fault, waited on hold for aaages only to find my top box wasn’t displaying an error code but a channel number?

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