My name is Jane, and I am a bookaholic – with a book to give away

A recent look at my TBR pile revealed that it has reached worrying proportions. Actually, it reached worrying proportions some time ago, I’ve just not been looking at it too closely. There’s the shelf *

*by shelf, I mean the book addicts definition of shelf not the dictionary definition of shelf


and then there’s the kindle.


Damn you Amazon one click buying! I read just over 150 books last year (if you want to see what I’ve been reading, you can find me on goodreads). Based on this, it would take me over a year to read everything I’ve got. So I really don’t need to buy any more books right now. I also have a tendency to buy books at random but read in phases, so more often than not I’ve got lots of books I don’t really want to read, and not enough of the sort of book I do want. Rubbish! It’s like having 50 pairs of black tights in August.

So for April, I’ve decided to go cold turkey and not buy a single book. Six days in, and it’s going reasonably well (by this I mean that I haven’t yet succumbed, and I’m only crying 23 hours a day).

As I’m not buying books this month, I’ve decided instead to give away a copy of Once a Bad Girl to a random commenter. Tell me about your TBR pile!  I’ll announce the winner on the blog next Friday (12th).


2 thoughts on “My name is Jane, and I am a bookaholic – with a book to give away

  1. If my whole TBR pile was physical, it would fall over and kill somebody. Probably me. Before I’d read the stupid things.

    I started counting my TBR pile at the end of last year, stopped when I got to 200 and had a little cry. My problem is listening to others’ recommendations and so the pile grows with each blog read, with each conversation with an enthusiastic reader. However, I hadn’t realised until today that Once A Bad Girl had been released, so I’m going to have to stand on tiptoes and pop a copy on the very top of the virtual pile.

    I hope this blog puts your book on a lot of people’s TBR lists – you’re an amazing writer, Jane, and I look forward to devouring Once A Bad Girl. As long as I’m not killed first by falling books.

    • Thanks Jo! Counting the tbr pile is never a good idea. At least with an ereader there’s the possibility of denial. And thanks for the compliments – I very much hope that your book is published, and soon.

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