Finishing what you start

One of the pieces of advice that writers are so often given is to finish what you start. No matter how bright and shiny a new idea seems, how much better than the one you’re working on, how tempting, you must finish the draft you’re doing.

However, we’re also frequently told to let a draft rest. To leave it alone for a few days, a few weeks. Which all too easily turns into a few months, maybe even a year if you’ve started something else in the meantime (because you have to finish that. It’s the writing law).

But a resting draft isn’t a finished draft. It’s not a draft that’s out on submission, or a published draft. It’s a draft on holiday, sunning itself and drinking margaritas and refusing to deal with the real world.

I currently have 2 drafts on holiday. I’m not sure how I let myself get in this position, other than that I knew I was supposed to let them rest, and then I needed to write, so I started something new and suddenly it’s several months later and going back to those drafts is incredibly difficult. It feels like a step backwards, not a step forwards. The words are old, not new, and after all those margaritas they’re a little hungover. One of them is particularly bad tempered, probably because I didn’t just let it go on holiday, I bought it a ticket for a round the world cruise. A year long round the world cruise. What a dummy (it seemed like a good idea at the time).

However the time has now come for these two to come back from holiday, unpack their stinky washing and get to work.

And just to prove that I do finish (some) projects, here’s a peek at my most recent sewing project.





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