An Epic Fail of an ending

It was half term last week, so I took the smalls off to the cinema to see the new animated film Epic. I love the cinema. It’s the only time I watch anything on the telly from beginning to end, without interruption. Plus, you know, boy fairies! Woohoo!

Epic is the story of a girl returning to live with her dad after her mum has died. She’s late teens, on the very edge of adulthood, giving the whole thing the New Adult vibe that is all the rage at the moment. Dad is a crackpot scientist who believes that fairies are living in the forest surrounding his house. Daughter is so not buying in to any of this. Plus the house is a dump and there’s a three legged dog and her bed is too small. It’s not good.

But then, due to the power of the wind and some magic from Beyonce (don’t get me started on Beyonce. I now understand why Pixar pay Oscar winning actors bazillions of pounds to voice their movies), daughter is shrunk to the size of a fairy. And behold! Boy fairies! Flying around on a hummingbird! This is FANTASTIC!

Right up to the end, where she’s returned to normal size. Why the HECK DID THEY RETURN HER TO NORMAL SIZE??? She leaves behind the boy fairies and the hummingbirds to go and live with crackpot dad in the dump of a house with the three legged dog. This disappointed me greatly. It was a crappy ending.

It was the right ending, based on the goal that our heroine had expressed at the start of the film – I want to go home – but it was the wrong ending by the end of the film. There was no sense of moving forwards, of her having grown up as a result of this experience and moving to a different place in her life (in the forest. With the boy fairies. Ahem.)

It was unsatisfying.

And I hate that.

Which films have left you feeling like you’d like to rewrite the ending your way?


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