A sign of things to come

Last week’s blog post got the most hits of any blog post I’ve written, despite it’s grubby nature. I guess misery really does love company. As do other things – like Chris Pine in latex!

Bet you didn’t see that one coming. Ahem.

I finally got to see Star Trek: Into Darkness a couple of weeks ago, and was going to blog about it last week, but other things seemed more important, so I have delayed it until this week. Oh, how I enjoyed it. There were massive space ships and Chris Pine in latex and really scary Klingons with serious face jewellery and weird tweed uniforms that didn’t quite fit (did the fabric budget run short after they’d spent all that money on fillers and botox for the mostly male cast?) I was sad to see that 300 years from now we’ll be flying across space at warp speed but we’ll still be squishing our boobs in push up bras, but it’s a minor complaint.

More than anything (ok, well not quite anything), I enjoyed the way the story was woven together. The film is really about Spock and his character arc, and about friendship, and most of all about the relationship between Spock and Kirk. There were many nods to earlier films (Kirk dying on the other side of the glass, anyone?) and the foreshadowing was just brilliant.

OK, so it was about as subtle as a brick, but sometimes it doesn’t need to be clever. How many times did the magic powers of Khan’s blood get a mention? Four? Five? I lost count in the end. When you’re writing, look at the things you’ve got in your story, and use them. If we’d got to the end of the film and only then had the magic blood been revealed, it wouldn’t have worked nearly as well. You can’t use something which isn’t on stage, because if it isn’t on stage, it doesn’t exist in your story world. Plus there is the pleasure of anticipation. James Bond films are brilliant at this. We know, when Q hands over his gadgets, that Bond is going to get himself into a pickle and only the gadgets will save him. We look forward to it. Just as we know, when the pretty girl appears, that Daniel Craig is going to strip off, and we look forward to that too.

When I saw the magic blood, I knew it was going to be important. When I saw Kirk die, I knew the magic blood would save him. And when it did, I felt extremely smug and clever because I was right. Filmgoer satisfaction achieved.

I do hope they’re foreshadowing something good in the next film with the latex.


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