Book 2 is on it’s way…

Quicker than a speeding bullet. No wait. That’s Superman.

My second book, She Who Dares, is the story of Nic Sinclair, an Ugg boot wearing mechanic who owns a Ferrari Dino, and her sister’s ex-boyfriend, Sebastian Prince. Sebastian is a rally car driver who fancies himself really quite a lot, eats a lot of haribo and still manages to have a six pack.

Although on the surface, this seems very lighthearted, the book has a darker edge to it – Nic self-harmed as a teenager and a big part of the story is how, through her relationship with Sebastian, she learns to deal with her wrecked self-confidence and to accept her scars, both inside and out. There’s a Corvette, a house which is decorated entirely in pink, and sex in a car. And a very classy heroine-with-a-hosepipe-hero-in-a-white-t-shirt scene.

It is up for pre-order on Amazon here:


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